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Perception Consulting Communication is an agency with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Public Relations, Strategic Communication, Press Office Services, Event Planning, Social Media and more


Perception is always ready to provide a wide variety of consulting services in PR & Communication in aligned strategy with your perspective.
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Perception (noun):

1.a belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on how things seem

2.the quality of being aware of things through the physical senses, especially sight

3.someone’s ability to notice and understand things that are not obvious to other people

How to tell a story,
that makes the difference.
This is our job.


Luck has nothing to do with communication. Experience does. Correct choices. Moments and facts. Communication is attitude.
Is vigilance and perception.
Communication is what you want to achieve and not following others.


In media you can be Midas or Medea. To be seen all the time or to be invisible. To be heard from the right broadcasts or to be ignored. Stories in media are like clams.
Open are preferred because you have a better perception for the interior.


What is likable? What does people accept and follow? Exclamation marks are following numerous sentences without expressing their meaning. Customers anticipation is adapting an intellectual profile which is find reflected to new social communities, that must be approached with experience.


Communication or promotion?

A few days ago, the Leonteios School of Athens, held a Press Conference on the occasion of the completion of 100 years since the opening of the school unit which houses to this day the largest school of the Municipality of Athens and one of the most historic schools in Greece.  The school, part of…

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Artificial Intelligence and the Need for Regulation

The recent discussion surrounding the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly focused on its impact on employment. While AI has the potential to reshape industries and increase productivity, it also poses a significant threat to job availability. This discussion is as old as the industrial revolution, which replaced human labor with machines. The rapid…

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The first impression in crisis management

In crisis management training, the theoretical part often revolves around case studies to highlight with real examples the importance of a wrong or a right choice. We do not know yet what kind of case study the recent accident at Allou Fun Park will be in the future. Nor does it make sense from our…

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